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Japan Travel Advice - Manaca IC card, Japan Rail Pass and Breakfast

As the title of this post suggests, I want to share with you some of the things that we learnt on a recent trip to Japan.
We went to three different regions in Japan. Nagoya/Nara/Osaka/Kyoto in the centre, Hiroshima in the south and Tokyo further up in the north. Here is a random selection of some of the useful tips.

IC travel card
A very useful advice we got was to get a top-up IC travel card. It works like an Oyster card in London. It works on most public transport systems and in many shops. The IC card in different regions have different names, but you can use the same card across different parts of Japan once you have one, the systems are all linked. In Nagoya this was called the MANACA card. You can see all the other ones here:

Japan Rail Pass We wanted to travel to different parts of Japan, and the best way was to get the bullet train (the Shinkansen). It can be quite expensive if you buy the individual journeys separately. Instead, it’s a…

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